“Airline power abuse” Delta Air Lines apologizes, Hyeri gets a refund

Delta Air Lines responded as controversy continued after actress-singer Hyeri exposed their “abuse of power”.

On Sep 1st, Delta Air Lines said that the flight leaving Los Angeles for New York had to switch its aircraft at 2:19 PM on Aug 30th (local time), and in this process, some First Class customers were changed to Economy Class.

According to Delta Air Lines, the inevitable seat change took place as the aircraft was replaced with a smaller model for safe operation.


Delta Air Lines explained, “Usually, in these instances, we ask if passengers would like to fly on the next flight in which First Class seats are available. If passengers choose to sit in Economy, we refund the difference in price.”

In addition, Delta Air Lines apologized regarding Hyeri’s seat change, “We are in the process of refunding her the difference in price. We apologize for any inconvenience caused to the customer, and the customer service representative will contact her directly.

Earlier on Aug 31st, Hyeri complained about the airline’s “abuse of power”, “I made my reservation one and a half months ago and even selected a seat in advance, but they downgraded me to Economy Class, saying there were no First Class seats available.

Hyeri criticized, “The airline told me to take the next flight if I didn’t like the seat and did not even give me a refund. Haha. I booked two seats, how could both be downgraded?

Source: Nate

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