Most beautiful Korean actresses in their 20s: 1st place receive mixed responses? 

A data research company in Korea has released the results of their survey on the most beautiful Korean actresses. 

Recently, MetaVey – a data research company in South Korea conducted a survey with the theme, “Who do you think is the most beautiful Korean actress?”, with age categories from the 20s to the 40s. The survey took place from April 24th to May 1st, with 300 male and female participants aged from 10 to 60. The results in the 20s age group caught the interest of many viewers, and some mixed responses also arose around these results.

Specifically, the results for the 20s age group are as below:

  1. Kim Yoo Jung (42.8%)
  2. Go Yoon Jung (23.0%)
  3. Moon Ga Young (13.3%)
  4. Kim Da Mi (10.3%)
  5. Cho Yi Hyun (5.3%)

As Kim Yoo Jung topped the list with an overwhelming number of votes, at 42.8% and almost double that of the 2nd place, many showed mixed responses. In particular, these people expressed that Kim Yoo Jung won the survey simply because of her large fanbase, not because her visuals overwhelm Go Yoon Jung. According to them, Kim Yoo Jung is “pretty” in a youthful, bright, and refreshing way, whilst Go Yoon Jung with her “diamond ratio” is undoubtedly “beautiful”.

Kim Yoo Jung
Kim Yoo Jung
Go Yoon Jung
Go Yoon Jung

“Beauty dispute” aside, it is impossible to deny Kim Yoo Jung’s acting ability. Having started out as a child actress, she has since pocketed many blockbusters, with the most recent one being the Netflix original movie “20th Century Girl”. Meanwhile, Go Yoon Jung is still a relatively new actress, with few notable projects other than “Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow”. 

Meanwhile, 3rd place belongs to Moon Ga Young, who is considered a “goddess” on the Korean screen. Born in 1996, Moon Ga Young also started as a child actress, and shone spectacularly as the second female lead in “The Great Seducer” (also known as “Tempted”). Unfortunately, after gaining huge popularity thanks to “True Beauty”, Moon Ga Young’s later works have not attained much commercial success. 

moon ga young thumbnail

In 4th place is Kim Da Mi, who exudes intense charm despite not embracing the traditional “Korean beauty standard”. The actress recently won over people’s hearts with her role in “Soulmate”, where she showed a natural, youthful, and unique beauty. 


Finally, “All of Us Are Dead” star Cho Yi Hyun is named in 2nd place. Born in 1999, yet Cho Yi Hyun only made her acting debut in 2017, with several roles on both the big and small screen. 

cho yi hyun
Cho Yi Hyun

Source: k14

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