Starship’s rookie girl group IVE introduces 4th member Liz with exotic aura

Liz, the fourth member of the rookie girl group IVE, has been introduced.

Starship Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as Starship) released profile images of Liz through IVE‘s official SNS channels on the evening of November 5th. In the black and white image, Liz showed off her bright smile, pronounced dimples as well as clear features, which further doubled her charms by creating an extraordinary sense of depth.


In the following cut, Liz exuded an exotic aura with blonde hair styling and even perfectly digested all-black styling, boasting a unique charisma that went beyond cuteness and chicness. Liz, who was born in 2004 and takes on the vocal position of IVE, received hot reactions on various SNS channels at the same time as her profile’s release. Global K-pop fans are already curious about Liz’s voice on stage.


IVE is a 6-member rookie girl group launched by Starship after 5 years. In the meaning of “I HAVE = IVE”, IVE wants to express themselves and the things they have with IVE-like confidence, and they plan to show all the charms of a group with completed form rather than growing form.

While the public is also paying attention to the two members who will be unveiled after Yujin, Gaeul, Wonyoung and Liz, IVE is expected to open their profiles and debut promotion schedule one after another on their official SNS channels.


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