Jo Kwon discussed 22-year friendship with Sunye, “get nails done at the same place” 

The dazzling friendship between Sunye and Jo Kwon was shown in the entertainment program “Immortal Song”.

In the February 4th broadcast of the KBS2 TV program Jo Kwon and Sunye appeared as performance partners. The duo’s stage was the second of the night, and here, they delivered a beautiful cover of Naul’s “Memory of the Wind”. 

Jo Kwon sunye

It is known that Jo Kwon and the former Wonder Girls member have a long and close relationship. 

Regarding their appearance, Jo Kwon said, “I also appeared in ‘Immortal Song’ often, but today seems to be a bit more difficult”, joking, “Sunye gave birth to me”.  Hearing this, Sunye laughed and showed her humor by saying, “Actually, I have three daughters and one son”.

Then, Jo Kwon surprised everyone by revealing, “I was selected by Park Jin Young during the gifted child development program in 2001, and we have continued our friendship until now, when we are in our 30s.”

Meanwhile, Sunye said that while preparing for this stage, she recalled her promotional activities for Wonder Girls’ “So Hot” 16 years ago. 

Jo Kwon sunye

In response, Jo Kwon said, “That was before my debut. At the time, Sunye was a queen in my eyes”, adding, “I was greatly influenced by Sunye when I was young. She was like an older sister and like a mother. This friend’s life seems to be a solid existence that cannot be broken.”

On the other hand, Sunye boasted, “Jo Kwon is like a tree. He is a friend who has always exercised a lot of energy since he was young. We are going to show you a couple-like chemistry. After all, haven’t we been friends for 22 years?” 

Hearing this, Jo Kwon laughed when he replied, “We get our nails done at the same place.”

Source: Daum

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