A new transformation after 2 years of debut… 3 things to look forward to in STAYC’s comeback with “WE NEED LOVE”

Girl group STAYC will show a new look through their comeback this time.

STAYC (Sumin, Sieun, Isa, Seeun, Yoon, and J) will release their 3rd single album “WE NEED LOVE” at 6 p.m on July 19th. Proving their presence by releasing several hit songs and reaching new career highs through every activity, STAYC is raising expectations with further musical and visual upgrades through this album.

#STAYC has evolved, aiming to establish itself as “a group with all members are main vocals”


Through the new album this time, STAYC will prove the solid growth of each member with their improved vocals beyond limits. STAYC’s 3rd single album contains a total of four tracks, including the title song “BEAUTIFUL MONSTER”, “I LIKE IT”, “LOVE” and “RUN2U (TAK Remix)”, with 6 different colors and individualities of 6 members’ voices. 


In particular, STAYC expresses the “fear”, “courage”, and “hope” of love in a dramatic way throughout the entire album and delivers the message “We need love”. The title song “BEAUTIFUL MONSTER” captures the fear hidden behind the happiness of love through STAYC’s appealing voices and conveys delicate emotions with a deeper echo. 

#STAYC x LA CHICA, first choreography collaboration completed! Please look forward to their special synergy


STAYC’s title song “BEAUTIFUL MONSTER” is known to have been choreographed by LA CHICA crew led by dancer Gabee, who is receiving enthusiastic responses from K-pop fans. STAYC, the group that has been well loved for their lovely and viral dance moves, and LA CHICA, the dance crew with a solid history of creating choreographies for many famous K-pop artists, herald an explosive synergy.

STAYC is expected to show another intense point choreography with signature moves that embody the concept of “BEAUTIFUL MONSTER” with huge support from LA CHICA. The girl group will captivate global music fans by presenting a perfect stage with their unique energetic charms.

# Musical growth with a breakthrough from the teen & fresh image! STAYC x Black Eyed Pilseung is about to bring about the greatest transformation ever


STAYC earlier drew attention by releasing a commentary video for “WE NEED LOVE” featuring Black Eyed Pilseung’s Rado, the main producer of High Up Entertainment. At that time, Rado said, “We’ve focused on the ‘teen & fresh’ concept a lot so far. This time, I want our group to make a breakthrough from that image with this album”. He continued, “The atmosphere of the song has been changed. It has become more clear and simple”, adding “It’s like a hippie song”, hinting at the concept of STAYC’s new song.


The music video teaser for “BEAUTIFUL MONSTER”, which was released on July 17th, also contains a free-spirited yet mysterious sound and STAYC’s unique visuals, signaling a completely new transformation that they’ve never tried before. Together with Black Eyed Pilseung, who knows STAYC’s color the best, the best composers, such as hitmakers Jeon Gun, FLYT, etc., once again joined forces to create a new music color and energy for STAYC. 

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