‘Kim Heechul’s girlfriend’ – Twice Momo revealed her recent unprecedented sexy selfie

TWICE’s Momo becomes a hot topic by releasing a sexy selfie that has never been seen before.

On June 30th, on the group Twice’s official Instagram, several photos of Kim Hee-chul’s girlfriend, Momo, were posted along with emoticons.

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In the photo, Momo is sitting in a chair and wearing her sleeveless dress and a blue jacket. In particular, Momo’s sexy selfie that emphasized her glamorous body caught all fans’ attention.

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Meanwhile, TWICE recently released the soundtrack and music video of ‘Alcohol-Free’. The title song ‘Alcohol-Free’ is a ‘TWICE New Summer Song’ with a new sensation in which JYP’s representative producer Park Jin-young wrote, composed, and arranged the lyrics and composer Lee Hae-sol participated in the arrangement.

Source: Nate

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