This girl group member asks guest to wear sunglasses to attend her wedding

A famous girl group member, who is getting married on November 12th, has introduced a unique concept to her wedding.

Recently, there are many stars in the entertainment industry who announce the news of their relationship and marriage.

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Last month, “figure skating queen” Kim Yuna and Forestella member Ko Woo Rim got married, while actress Gong Hyo Jin and singer Kevin Oh also tied the knot and made headlines. 

Even today (November 12th), a famous singer is getting married. She is Big Mimi, a member of the indie duo “MiMi SISTERS”. 

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Prior to the wedding, Star News released an interview with her on the morning of the 12th, where Big Mimi shared  her feelings about marriage, saying, “I don’t really feel it yet.”

She also added, “In addition to working with the MiMi SISTERS, I have been working on festivals and performance planning for a living. I have been planning MiMi SISTERS’ performances for 14 years. But now I’m more nervous than any other performance. This wedding feels like a festival or a party.”

Big mimi sisters

Big Mimi’s wedding is going to be held in a grand way, divided into Part 1 and Part 2.

The first part will be held in a calm atmosphere with family and friends, and the second part will be decorated with the concept of a party and talk show enjoyed with acquaintances.

Big mimi sisters

Regarding this, Big Mimi said, “I didn’t want to have a wedding ceremony that was conducted in a rush between me and the groom. That’s why we planned a wedding that represents us and matches our personalities.”

In addition, in the 2nd part of the wedding ceremony, the trademark sunglasses of the MiMi SISTERS will be actively used.


Particularly, the wedding invitation also stated that the dress code is sunglasses and clothes that guests would never wear unless it was this wedding. 

In this regard, Big Mimi said, “Adults and friends like wedding invitations a lot. I felt good that the wedding was made into a culture and that it was hip.” She also expressed a lot of expectations, saying that the wedding will be a “meeting place”.  


Then, Big Mimi showed her excitement by saying, “I haven’t been able to perform on stage because of COVID-19. But I feel good because I think I’ll be able to see people’s faces after a long time, using my marriage as an excuse.”

She also surprised everyone by saying, “A lot of people helped with the wedding. There are also a lot of companies that sponsored it.”

Big mimi sisters

“I think this is a possible event because people are willing to join us. I hope that I can see a face I haven’t seen for a while with the excuse for a wedding, and I hope it will be an opportunity to revitalize the indie and performance music scene,” she concluded.

Meanwhile, two members of MiMi SISTERS were once part of the band “Kiha and the Faces” from 2008 to 2010. They debuted as a duo in 2011 with their first album, “I’m Sorry… But This Will Be A Legend”.

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The real names of the two members of MiMi SISTERS, who are using the unique stage names Big Mimi and Small Mimi, are still unknown.

While the public’s curiosity about the MiMi SISTERS, who have adhered to a mysterious concept since their debut, is growing day by day, the duo plan to continue active activities in the future.

mimi sisters

MiMi SISTERS, who will celebrate the 15th anniversary of their debut next year, are planning to release a new song and hold a solo concert.

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