Compared to BTS? Former B.A.P Bang Yong Guk embarrassed by a rude fan

Soloist Bang Yong Guk, who is a former member of boy group B.A.P, was embarrassed by fans at a recent performance. 

In a recent concert of former B.A.P member and soloist Bang Yong Guk, a fan suddenly screamed “B.A.P is better than BTS”, causing chaos in the venue. 

Upon hearing this, Bang Yong Guk showed an embarrassed expression and softly told the fan off. He also asked his fans not to say such things, or else he will also get into trouble.

The video capturing this event has since spread through various social media platforms, and gained over 5 million views on Twitter alone. 


So far, fans of BTS have been showing anger at the rude comparison, while B.A.P fans and fans of Bang Yong Guk also expressed a negative response. 

On the other hand, B.A.P, the group which Bang Yong Guk was a member of debuted with the single “Warrior” in 2012. They later drew massive attention with various popular songs such as “One Shot”, “1004”, “No Mercy”, and was even considered a strong competitor against BTS in their early days.

However, in 2014 B.A.P filed a lawsuit against their former agency, TS Entertainment, for unclear payment and mistreatment, eventually going into a hiatus and slowly losing popularity. 

In 2019, the members’ exclusive contract with TS Entertainment all expired, ultimately leading to B.A.P’s disbandment. 

Source: VKR

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