Melon’s Music Data to be Reflected on Billboard Charts, a First for Korea’s Domestic Music Platform

The music listening data from Melon, the largest domestic music streaming site in Korea, will be reflected on the Billboard charts.

Kakao Entertainment announced that Melon has signed a contract with Luminate, the data management company of Billboard, to provide music listening data to Billboard starting from June 7th.

This is the first time that data from a domestic music platform in Korea is being reflected on the Billboard charts.


The Billboard charts that will incorporate Melon’s data include the Korea Songs chart, which focuses on the Korean region, the Global 200 chart, which aggregates music rankings from more than 200 countries including the United States, and the Global Excluding U.S. chart, which aggregates rankings excluding the United States.

All of these charts are based on online streaming and digital sales. Melon provides music streaming and download data.

Park Doo Wan, the head of Melon Strategy at Kakao Entertainment, expressed joy, “I am glad that through the data, K-pop music and artists will be showcased to the world. We plan to enhance the value of music through collaboration with various domestic and international partners in the future.

Source: yonhap

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