Veteran Actor Kim Yong Gun, Who Got a Son at the Age of 75, Opens Up About the Challenges of Senior Dating 

On a recent episode of tvN STORY variety program ‘The President’s People,’ the cast members shared stories about late-life romance.

Kim Soo Mi brought up the discomfort experienced by elderly single men who live with someone else.

In response, Kim Yong Gun honestly expressed his thoughts, saying, “First of all, it feels unfamiliar. If we had met when we were younger, we could have gotten to know each other and gradually adjusted. But now, it’s difficult for me to manage my own body alone. If my partner is sick, I have to take care of them, right?

Kim Yong Gun

Upon hearing this, Im Hyun Sik empathized, saying, “It makes me sad when I think about who will go to a nursing home first.

Kim Yong Gun confessed, “It’s not easy to date someone and adapt as we get older. Of course, we have to make an effort, but even at this age, I don’t have the confidence to accommodate someone’s mood.

Im Hyun Sik jokingly replied, “Will it be a face-to-face encounter? It’s more like living together virtually, back-to-back.

In November 2021, Kim Yong Gun, at the age of 77, had a late-life son with his 39-year-old girlfriend. After confirming their biological relationship through a genetic test, the child was registered as his third son.

tvN STORY’s ‘The President’s People’ is an entertainment program that features veteran actors Kim Yong Gun, Kim Soo Mi, and Lee Gye In. The show depicts the events that unfold as they live their retired lives together. It airs every Monday at 8:20 PM KST.

Source: wikitree. 

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