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Shin Dong Yup “Does your husband Lee Byung Hun often play with your children?”…Lee Min Jung “He’s just way too into it”

ENA’s “Oh Eun Young Game” heralded the scene of the blockbuster-level thrilling super-large “Green light red light” game.

In the trailer for “Oh Eun Young Game”, which is set to premiere on Jan 24th, 100 children participated in a game. While slowly playing the “Green light red light” game, the children showed their concentration by saying, “Don’t get caught!” Amid the thrill, children were given various missions, such as the “doggy dance”. Children’s laughter continued at the game site, where the goal was to play well until the end.

Oh Eun Young Game

Dr. Oh Eun Young then revealed the real purpose of the fun game, “I observed what kind of behavior and appearance children show by tendency and type.” As if by magic, when children’s behaviors appeared as Dr. Oh Eun Young explained, MCs Shin Dong Yup and Lee Min Jung were surprised, saying, “It’s amazing.

Oh Eun Young Game

Meanwhile, Shin Dong Yup asked Lee Min Jung, “Does your husband Lee Byung Hun often play with your children?” Lee Min Jung caused laughter with her honest answer, “He’s just way too into it.

“Oh Eun Young Game” will premiere on ENA at 8:30 PM on Tuesday (Jan 24th).

Oh Eun Young Game

Source: Naver

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