“Song Hye Kyo is so cool, while Song Joong Ki is…” The reason why both actors are mentioned at the same time

Comedian Park Myung Soo praised the performances of both actors Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki at the same time.

KBS Radio Cool FM’s “Park Myung Soo‘s Radio Show,” which aired on Jan 13th, presented a “Search N Chart” corner. On that day “Search N Chart”, the original Netflix series “The Glory,” starring Song Hye Kyo, was mentioned as the main keyword of the corner.

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Park Myung Soo and Jeon Min Ki were surprised to hear that the cumulative viewing time of “The Glory” was known to be “100 million hours.”

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Regarding “The Glory,” Park Myung Soo said, “The drama itself seems to be made from great planning from the start,” adding, “If there is a good writer behind the best actor, people will be interested. They will start to watch out of curiosity because the best names are already put at the forefront like that. Even the story is going strong from the first part, so people are like, “Huh? This is fun.” And they will continue to look out for part two and part three. They are not bored,” he praised.

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Regarding Kim Eun Sook, who wrote “The Glory,” Park Myung Soo said, “Since they are marketing globally, Kim Eun Sook is mostly mentioned as the writer. However, there many different writers who gathered to make up the story. It’s very advanced,” he said. “If ‘The Glory’ already reached 100 million hours, it must have been watched all around the world, he said.

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Furthermore, Park Myung Soo also drew attention for mentioning the drama “Reborn Rich,” which recently ended.

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Park Myung Soo said, “The same goes for ‘Reborn Rich,’ but instead of the main actors, the supporting actors are so good at acting. I mean, I don’t know if the lead roles were doing well or not. Because the supporting roles around them were doing so well,” he said. “There are people like that, so that the lead actors can shine. They’re all good. On the other hand, the main actors are indeed main actors, because they are so cool despite doing nothing. Song Hye Kyo’s expressionless acting is so cool, while Song Joong Ki is also doing well, there’s nothing to argue about him,” he complimented both of the actors.

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Meanwhile, Song Hye Kyo married Song Joong Ki in October 2017 and divorced in July 2019. “The Glory”, starring Song Hye Kyo, which premiered on December 30th, 2022, ranked 2nd on New Year’s Day, falling behind “Reborn Rich” before topping the list on Jan 2nd, surpassing the viewing record of 100 million hours.

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