A member of SNSD received praise for often publicly supporting and defending aespa

She has been ready to protect aespa since the group’s debut.

Although coming from a big company like SM, aespa‘s debut was not easy.  At the time of their debut, the group was entangled in many controversies and was constantly criticized.  But then gradually, through each music product, aespa has increasingly shown its talent and charm, rising to become one of the leading names of the new generation.

Throughout that journey, there was a senior who always expressed her affection and fervently supported aespa from the very beginning.  That is the leader of SNSDTaeyeon.  She does not hesitate to protect aespa, moreover, every time the group releases a song, she does not forget to give them her support.

aespa Taeyeon
Taeyeon actively promotes aespa on SNS
aespa Taeyeon
Especially when aespa just debuted and got a lot of hate, Taeyeon still didn’t hesitate to post pictures praising them for being beautiful and kind.
aespa Taeyeon
She participated in the dance challenge Next Level with the group from the very first day of its release, even before the song went viral.
aespa Taeyeon
She even reminded everyone: “Please love aespa a lot”
aespa Taeyeon
aespa also conveyed their love to the SNSD’s leader when participating in the dance challenge of Taeyeon’s song Weekend
aespa Taeyeon
The girls have a very good relationship

Looking back at all of Taeyeon’s heart-warming actions, Knetizens have to praise her kindness. 

  • Taeyeon took care of aespa before the group became famous with Next Level, even when the group was still hated by the public.  
  • Taeyeon is always the one who always takes care of her juniors.  I’m a fan of another SM group but thank you so much.
  • Even groups outside SM are also taken care of by Soshi and Taeyeon.  Such a cool sunbaenim. 
  • Taeyeon is always attentive to everyone around.
  • I love Kim Taeyeon.
aespa Taeyeon
Fans hope Taeyeon
aespa Taeyeon
And aespa will have many lovely interactions at the SM concert which will be held on January 1, 2022
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