Yuri: “I have a lot of personal schedules” vs. Hyoyeon’s honest reaction: “You brat“ 

Yuri and Hyoyeon showed their true friendship through honest conversations.

In JTBC’s “Soshi Tamtam,” which aired on August 9th, Girls’ Generation divided the roles of artists and staff among themselves.

Girls’ Generation decided to share the roles of artists and staff, and Sooyoung appealed that she had a “Hong Kong magazine photoshoot” on her personal schedule. Hyo-yeon joined in  “I have a music video shoot” before promising a delicious food truck.

I don’t have any schedule. Is picking up for a family trip possible?Sunny said, applying for a staff position. Yoona also applied to the staff, saying, “I’m a superstar, so I’ll show you something I’ve never shown before.”

Yuri said, “I have a lot of schedules,” and Hyoyeon immediately responded, “You brat,” drawing laughter. Yuri promised to “let my staff get off work quickly” and Sunny responded, “It’s tempting.”

Hyoyeon, Yuri, and Sooyoung then went to work as artists according to their schedules. Taeyeon and Seohyun become Hyo-yeon’s manager, Sunny and Tiffany become Yuri’s manager, while Yoona is paired with Sooyoung.

Source: daum

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