The contrasting reactions of Kpop idols when said to look similar to another

Each Kpop idol is gorgeous in their own ways, however, netizens often try to find resemblances between them, leading to a variety of reactions. 

Kpop idols need to stand out and shine, therefore, they’d normally boast unique features or outstanding vibes. Still, netizens often point out look-alikes among the Kpop idols, and how different idols react to the comparisons are different. 

Recently, Red Velvet member Yeri was accused of copying the style of BLACKPINK Jennie. In fact, the YouTube channel Sojang, which is notorious for spreading malicious rumors, even published a whole video saying that Yeri is inflicted with “Jennie’s disease”, judging from her cutie-sexy fashion.

Immediately, Yeri clapped back at Sojang, saying that she would do whatever she wanted. “I feel sorry for these types of people, who demean others and try to earn money from it. Let’s each focus on our own lives and live happily”, the female idol added.

Back when she first debuted in 2020, Secret Number member Soodam was embroiled in a controversy after showing an alleged “attitude” when people compare her to ITZY Yeji. In particular, the female idol said: “Yeji? Do I look that similar to Yeji? Is it because I don’t have double eyelids? Or is it because of the small eyes?” 

With the lack of honorifics and implications about Yeji’s eyes, Soodam received a lot of criticism. 

Unlike the rather harsh reactions of Soodam and Yeri, BtoB Minhyuk had fun when being compared to his junior, TXT Soobin. Regarding this comparison, Minhyuk said: “I wasn’t the only one who got shocked. Everyone was talking about this in the waiting room, whenever our MC Soobin appeared on the screen.” The male idol also proudly embraced it when fans dubbed him and TXT Soobin “long-lost brothers”

Meanwhile, Soobin also responded to Minhyuk’s reaction, saying: “My staff also got heated discussing this. You are really, really handsome. Can you take a photo with me the next time we meet?” 

The same situation can lead to different reactions. While Red Velvet Yeri showed a confident attitude, Soodam was embroiled in controversies, Soobin and Minhyuk created a pleasant atmosphere with their cute interactions. 

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