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Dating show “Eden, Descendants of Instinct” under controversy for pushing a sexy concept again in season 2

“Eden 2” is being criticized ahead of its premiere due to exposure, excessive skinship, and even criminal history of the cast.

iHQ’s dating reality show “Eden, Descendants of Instinct” is promoting a similar sexy concept to season 1. Looking at the poster released by iHQ on October 25th, a man wearing a white shirt is sitting on a chair and wearing an eye patch, while a woman wraps her hand around his neck. She is wearing a black dress that reveals her back and also an eye patch. From the open exposure to the provocative black lace eye patches, it doesn’t look like a poster for an entertainment program suitable for 15-year-olds.

eden 2

Emphasizing “desire and instinct that can only be seen in Eden 2,” the program’s production crew said, “We will rewrite the standard of love observation reality with bold and unstoppable instinctualism”.

eden 2

Of course, the romance between men and women and the close exposure are points that can excite viewers. However, “Eden 2” may feel clichéd like Coupang Play’s “Chain Reaction” where men and women spend the day in chains aimed at touching at night. In other words, viewers’ hearts no longer flutter just by looking at two feet of different sizes exposed under the blanket.

eden 2

The interesting thing is that dating reality shows that push exposure and skinship are flopping one after another. “Sexy” is no longer a selling point. In TVING’s “Transit Love 2” and NQQ/SBS Plus’s “I Am Solo”, all the cast has to do is hold hands and put their hands on others’ shoulders, but the viewers’ reaction is explosive. It is a story that requires emotional immersion that captures viewers’ hearts, not the bodies.

“Eden, Descendants of Instinct 2” will premiere on November 15th at 10 PM KST.

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