Because he’s so handsome… Celebrity who was cast while eating ice cream on the street in the US

Jung Hae In (born in 1988) rose to stardom by playing Son Ye Jin’s partner in “Something in the Rain”.

He “mass produced” fandom with his transparent skin, clear features, kind impression, young appearance and low-pitched voice. After that, he gradually expanded his scope by appearing in “One Spring Night” and the movie “Start-Up”. Jung Hae In, who had been acting in the romance genre with his idol-like handsomeness, made an acting transformation through Netflix’s “D.P.“.

Jung Hae-in

This drama hit the jackpot and “D.P.” Season 2 is about to be released, so people are raising expectations. Jung Hae In seems to have chosen the path of an actor who is not afraid of acting transformations.

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He challenged a genre work by taking on the role of Dong Soo, an immortal humanoid who lost one eye, in Disney+’s series “Connect”. The information that he will play a villain in the movie “Veteran 2” is also attracting attention.

Attention is focusing on whether the sequel with Jung Hae In will create another buzzword after Yoo Ah In’s “I’m speechless.”

Jung Hae-in

Jung Hae In is famous for an anecdote about him being cast while eating ice cream on the street. His handsome visuals shine not only in Korea but also in the United States.

During the filming of “Jung Hae In’s Travel Log”, a local reality casting director told Jung Hae In, “Your appearance catches my eye.” He was wearing a hoodie and a beanie, but still stood out with his small, handsome face and nice body proportions.

Jung Hae-in

Jung Hae In couldn’t hide his joy, saying, “Am I going to the US? American dream?“. He added, “I’m still dumbfounded by the casting offer. Good things happen when I come to New York.”

Jung Hae-in

Jung Hae In’s baby face also made others reluctant to give him beer during the filming of “Jung Hae In’s Travel Log” because he looked so young. As he played a private in his early 20s in “D.P,” it’s hard to believe he’s 34 years old. He just naturally has a youthful, puppy-like appearance.

Source: Daum

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