Girl Group With Multicultural Concept Creates A Buzz: Powerful Images & Member Shaving Head

K-pop fans are paying keen attention to the Japanese girl group XG, who recently made their comeback in Korea 

Japanese girl group XG made headlines as they recently made a comeback with the new music video “WOKE UP”. Although all the members are Japanese, the group is promoting like a K-pop girl group with their company’s headquarters being registered in Korea. Formed by Xgalx, a sublabel of Avex, XG consists of seven members Jurin, Chisa, Hinata, Juria, Cocona, Maya, and Harvey.


Making their debut in March 2022, XG stimulated music fans’ curiosity as a “Japanese girl group promoting in Korea with English songs”. XG creates hot topics every time they make a comeback with this interesting cultural exchange in their concepts. This time with “WOKE UP”, the group once again amazed K-pop fans by introducing such a high-quality song.

“WOKE UP” is the first 100% rap song by XG with a unique arrangement full of East Asian melodies. Through their powerful warrior concept, the group wowed viewers with their dark and spectacular music video. In the music video, the girls digested many action scenes with detailed images.

Proving their presence in the music industry, XG has become more confident in showcasing the members’ individualities. Working with famous photographer Cho Gi-seok as creative director, XG has brought about artistic scenes and images throughout the comeback promotion. 


In particular, the scene where Cocona, who appears in a futuristic outfit with metal teeth,  shaved her own head using a hair clipper in the music video shocked many people. It’s been a long time since K-pop has had such a unique, bold, and weird girl group. XG members may not have outstanding visuals like other K-pop girl groups but they stand out with their own worldview.

Looking at XG, many people say the group reminds them of 2NE1. When K-pop is dominated by girl groups with teen-fresh and lovely images, a strong, powerful and unique XG easily catches the eyes of people who are looking for something new, something creative. 

Source: k14

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