Celebrities with Unfortunate Childhood That Are As Heartbreaking As Depicted in K-Dramas

These stars openly shared their difficult pasts. Behind the glamor on TV, they carried hidden pains. 

Model and broadcaster Jung Hyuk revealed a touching family story on August 19th.

Jung Hyuk revealed that he experienced poverty for a long time during his childhood, “I lived in a basement my whole life. I became a basic living recipient after being scammed, so I would go to the community center on weekends and they would give us rice, kimchi, and ramen. Since I couldn’t afford good clothes, I was also bullied.”

jung hyuk

He shared that his parents separated when he was three years old, and his father raised him and his brother alone. He mentioned, “We lived in a house without a restroom. It was a public restroom, so the door didn’t lock. When people came, I had to shout that there was someone inside according to their footsteps. The community center closed at 6 p.m., so I did everything according to that schedule.”

At 25 years old, Jung Hyuk finally moved into a house with a restroom, and he said, “Because of those experiences, I never shy away from using a restroom wherever I go. Still, I think I had fun.”

Particularly, Jung Hyuk’s father shared, “He almost jumped off the Han River Bridge a few times. He didn’t do it, so he’s still alive. I had many tough thoughts too. I wondered if I should live or not.” 

jeon somi

Jeon Somi confessed about being bullied in the past due to coming from a multicultural family. Jeon Somi was born between her Canadian father with dual citizenship from the Netherlands and Canada, and her Korean mother.

Jeon Somi revealed that when she first transferred to a Korean elementary school, her friends were kind to her, but she began to be bullied after winning a school election.

She shared, “There was a girl who prepared a speech. When she saw me, she disliked me a lot. I had just transferred to the school and became the class president. So, she started isolating me with her at the center. From 3rd to 6th grade, I was bullied.” 

She explained, “My desk was separated from the rest, and she tore up my library cards and put trash in my indoor shoes. It got worse over time”. 

Jeon Somi also confessed that she asked to get plastic surgery to look more like a Korean child, shedding tears as she spoke.

Ahn So-mi Park Hae-jin

Comedian Mija revealed last July that she had been severely bullied during her career as a comedian. Due to unbearable pain, she gave up her career and suffered from severe depression for three years after retirement.

Mija shared, “I had a performance during the time I suffered from depression. Park Na Rae kept saying, ‘Don’t be alone. Let’s be together.’ Thanks to her, I was able to overcome my depression.” 

Comedian An So Mi also confessed about her past, growing up under her grandmother’s care after her parents divorced when she was 3 years old. She said, “The last place we moved to was Daejeon. We lived in a van (with my grandmother) back then.” She felt embarrassed receiving rice and ramen from the local office.

An So Mi managed to maintain her life in a container and said, “There’s competition for spots when you’re doing business outdoors. I had to step up against my grandma’s wishes. That’s when I developed a tough personality.” She added that she made her debut as a comedian at the age of 19. She wanted to succeed and thought that if she could earn enough money to buy herself some black bean noodles when she felt like it, she would consider herself successful.

Actor Park Hae Jin admitted to his parents’ divorce when he was young.

park hae jin

Park Hae Jin lived with his father and sister until the third year of middle school, and after that, he lived separately from his sister with relatives from the first year of high school.

After about 17 years, Park Hae Jin started living with his mother again and said, “I’ve been living with my nephew since he was born, for 13 years. I raised him completely.” 

When asked if he felt uncomfortable, Park Hae Jin said, “If I say I’m not uncomfortable at all, that would be a lie. But since we’re not together 24 hours a day, it’s okay.” He showed a positive attitude.

Having received an exemption from military service due to a past mental illness, Park Hae Jin said, “I moved around a lot due to my parents’ divorce when I was young. After that, I became hesitant about meeting people.” Park Hae Jin was diagnosed with depression and social anxiety disorder at a hospital. 

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