“Kim Eun Sook’s No.1 pick” actress exploded her potential in “The Glory” and received compliments

Actress Yeom Hye Ran, who is famous for her numerous supporting roles, once again impresses viewers with her acting in “The Glory”. 

Netflix’s original series “The Glory” premiered on December 30th, 2022. It depicts the revenge plan carefully prepared by Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo), who suffered severe school violence during her high school days.

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In this work, Yeom Hye Ran appears as Kang Hyeon Nam who helps Dong Eun take revenge. Hyeon Nam is also a victim of violence. Enduring physical abuse by her husband, she decides to become a sleuth for Dong Eun in exchange for Dong Eun’s promise of killing her husband. 

Yeom Hye Ran established herself as a trustworthy actress after playing different kinds of roles in popular works, such as “When The Camellia Blooms”, “The Uncanny Counter”, “Kim Ji Young: Born 1982”, etc.

Yeom Hye Ran The glory

This time, she successfully portrayed the innocent and pure image of Hyeon Nam in “The Glory” and is receiving favorable reviews from the viewers.

Writer Kim Eun Sook actually recognized Yeom Hye Ran’s talent from the beginning. At the press conference for “The Glory”, writer Kim said, “From the moment I began creating Yeom Hye Ran’s character, I already thought of the actress in my mind. Yeom Hye Ran was the first name in my casting list.” Kim Eun Sook believed that Yeom Hye Ran could digest Hyeon Nam perfectly as if she was wearing her own clothes. 

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In response to Yeom Hye Ran’s performance, viewers commented, “She will be enjoying her second heyday with this work”, “She exploded her potential”, etc.

Attention is also focused on how Moon Dong Eun and Kang Hyeon Nam’s revenge plan proceed in Part 2 of “The Glory”, which will be released in March.

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