“Did they mean to be racist?”… Thai viewers got mad at Lee Jong-seok’s line in “Big Mouth”. Why?

MBC’s drama “Big Mouth” is being criticized by Thai netizens.

It is a line of Lee Jong-seok that sparked controversy. In the broadcast of “Big Mouth” on August 30th, Park Chang-ho (Lee Jong-seok) said to a death-row prisoner, “Did your mother eat seaweed soup after giving birth to you? What did she eat after giving birth to a psycho like you? Tom Yam Kung? Or Ox Blood Soup?”.

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After the broadcast, a Thai netizen pointed out, “This sarcastic line made people think there are many bad people in Thailand”. They continued, “To Thai people, Tom Yam Kung is a symbol”, adding “I was very shocked seeing the scene. Would Koreans feel good if Thai people express ‘kimchi’ in a similar way?”, criticizing the controversial scene.

Other Thai netizens also expressed their frustration, saying “Did they mean to be racist?”, “Korean people, please explain this”, “Even if they had no racist intention, the scene still made me feel bad”, etc.

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In response to the controversy, Korean netizens sympathized with Thai netizens’ criticism, saying, “It’s a bit ambiguous”, “I think I would feel bad in the same way if Korean food is included in such a line in a foreign drama”, etc. However, some refuted the controversy, saying “The drama producer didn’t mean to be racist. They just mentioned the food that contrasts with seaweed soup”, “They even added Ox Blood Soup right after Tom Yang Kung”, etc. 

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