Celebrities who accidentally followed their friends to auditions and eventually debuted in showbiz

Here are stories of stars who made their debut in the entertainment industry like fate.



Xiumin, a member of the idol group EXO, was originally an aspiring athlete. When Xiumin was preparing to enter an athletic school, his friend asked him to go together to SM’s open audition.

Appearing on an entertainment program in the past, Xiumin said he felt both sorry and thankful toward his friend who helped him make his debut. Then, did that friend get accepted? Xiumin said his friend passed the civil service exam and is working at a government-owned company.

Go A Ra

go ara

Go A Ra made her debut as an actress in the drama “Sharp” after being selected from an audition with a 1000:1 competition rate. Her dream was actually to become an announcer.

She participated in SM Entertainment Teen Model Contest as a backup dancer for a friend who wanted to audition for SM. However, it was Go A Ra who overcame 8000 people to become the winner and was even awarded “Best Look”. 

Son Na Eun

son naeun

Son Na Eun was a student majoring in arts and she dreamed of becoming a painter. While preparing for the entrance exam to enter an art college, her cousin suggested going to an audition together. The agency staff noticed Son Na Eun’s beauty at the audition venue and told her to apply. 

Son Na Eun unexpectedly joined the audition. She sang randomly and introduced herself, but eventually passed the audition. After considering between arts and entertainment, she finally debuted as a member of Apink. 

Kim Dong Jun

Kim Dong-jun

Actor Kim Dong Jun, who debuted as a member of Kpop boy group ZE:A, is famous for looking like actress Han Ga In. It is known that he originally dreamed of becoming a professional soldier, and so was not interested in the entertainment industry.

However, he followed his friend to an audition, and was proudly selected. Currently enlisted in the military, he made a surprise appearance on the tvN program “The Backpacker Chef”, and made celebrity chef Baek Jong Won cry. Fans are waiting for the idol-actor to get discharged and be active again.


suzy thumbnail

Suzy is famous for her anecdote that she participated in the Superstar K audition and was cast on her way to the bathroom. The participation of Superstar K was not based on her will, but on her friend’s.

Suzy participated in Superstar K with her school friend Soyeon from Laboum. They are still in a good relationship.

Soo Ae

Soo Ae
Soo Ae

Soo Ae, who was called the epitome of an innocent actress. She didn’t follow the audition, she went to see her model friend’s set and signed a six-month contract on the spot.

But she didn’t receive the down payment, but rather she had to pay 350,000 won. The first time she got a contract like that was an underwear advertisement, but she said she was disappointed that her nose was too big.

Cha Seung Won

cha seung won

According to Cha Seung Won, it was his friend that planned to go to an audition, but he tagged along for confirmation. Then, while waiting for his friend who was auditioning to come out, a casting staff asked Cha Seung Won if he wanted to become a model.

Originally, Cha Seung Won turned down the offer. Even after he reconsidered, the actor was about to give up due to his parents’ objection and the hefty tuition fee of 300,000 won. However, the agency made a guarantee and he eventually debuted as a model. It is said that Cha Seung Won’s first modeling job was a fur show in August – the middle of summer.

Source: Daum

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