Han Ga In opens up about her difficult childhood, “I’ve never received a present from Santa before” 

Actress Han Ga In revealed that she never received a present from Santa when she was a kid.

In the December 23rd broadcast of JTBC’s entertainment program “Handless Day”, Han Ga In and Shin Dong Yup talked about Christmas.

Han Ga In Day without hands

On this day, when Han Ga In asked, “Did you believe in Santa when you were young?” Shin Dong Yup replied, “I think I believed in Santa when I was very young, but wasn’t it difficult for you and me when we were young? So I don’t think I had time for that.” 

Then Han Ga In said, “That’s right. I’ve never received a present from Santa. I have never had such an experience,” expressing sympathy. 

Han Ga In Day without hands

Han Ga In continued, “The Christmas season feels like a feast for other people who are not related to me. A story that has nothing to do with me. Only rich kids got presents from their parents, so it felt like that,” opening up about her difficult childhood memories.

In response to Han Ga In’s confession, Shin Dong Yup said, “I like that Ga In went through a difficult time like I did when she was young. In particular, I like it when it is a bit difficult.” 

Han Ga In Day without hands

Source: Daum. 

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