“Shang-Chi” star Simu Liu reveals special connection with BLACKPINK 

BLACKPINK is the idol of many top stars, and Simu Liu, who starred in Marvel’s “Shang-Chi” is one of them. But there’s also an additional connection.

The popularity of BLACKPINK has long transcended outside of Korea, with many top stars from all around the world. Among them is actor Simu Liu, who draws massive attention after starring in “Shang-Chi”. On top of that, he also recently revealed a special connection between him and the world-famous girl group.

blackpink concert
Simu Liu blackpink concert
Simu Liu attended the Los Angeles concert of BLACKPINK alongside his girlfriend. 

It is known that Simu Liu appeared at the Los Angeles concert of BLACKPINK back on November 19th. Tagging along with him is his girlfriend Allison Hsu, and the CEO of Jubilee Media – Jason Lee. As it turns out, Allusion Hsu is the digital marketing director of Interscope – the recording firm that BLACKPINK signs with in North America. 

Simu Liu
Simu Liu’s girlfriend is a director of recording firm Interscope…
Blackpink thumbnail
…which BLACKPINK signs with in North America. 

On December 21st, Simu appeared on the red carpet of The 20th Unforgettable Gala, and mentioned BLACKPINK. The actor also answered to the media site NextShark, revealing that he had a hard time picking a favorite member within the group. 

A bias and bias wrecker. It’s definitely between Lisa and Jennie. I feel like I like both of them,” the actor excitedly said. In addition, he mentioned that upon seeing the group live, the group have got “such a swagger” and “ease on stage”, as well as “the ability to command a stadium of tens of thousands of people”. 

“Seeing the both of them, they’re just killer,” the “Shang-Chi” star added. 

Ultimately, however, Simu Liu decided on Lisa as his “bias”. As the actor himself is proficient at dancing, “dancing machine” Lisa makes for a suitable choice. 

jennie lisa blackpink thumbnail
Simu Liu’s favorite members are Jennie and Lisa…
lisa blackpink thumbnail
…but ultimately selected Lisa as his bias

On the other hand, Simu Liu, born in 1989, is a Canadian actor of Chinese descent. He has starred in various Hollywood projects such as “Kim’s Convenience” and “Blood and Water”, before exploding with fame via “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”. 

Simu Liu

Source: Next Shark

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