Hawick Lau will lose custody to Yang Mi if he remarry? Broke up because of his daughter?

The father of Hawick Lau has spoken up on rumors surrounding the relationship of his son, ex-wife Yang Mi, and actress Li Xiaofeng. 

Back in November 2022, dating rumors between Hawick Lau and actress Li Xiaofeng went viral all across the net. Even more shocking, Li Xiaofeng was on-screen besties with Hawick Lau’s ex-wife Yang Mi, having starred together in “She and Her Perfect Husband”.

Hawick Lau Yang Mi

However, according to Chinese media site Sina, there are reports that Hawick Lau is hesitant to marry Li Xiaofeng over fear of losing custody of daughter, Noemie Lau. In addition, rumors such as Noemie Lau hating her father’s new girlfriend and intervening with the two’s relationship were all over the net, to the point Hawick Lau’s father had to speak up. 

Hawick Lau
Hawick Lau’s father spoke up on rumors of Noemie Lau hating Hawick Lau’s relationship with Li Xiaofeng 

In particular, Mr. Lau affirmed that Noemie Lau has never met Li Xiaofeng, and never hates women with short hair (referring to actress Li). In addition, rumors that Hawick Lau broke up with Li Xiaofeng due to Noemie Lau are also completely false. The two are not at all arguing, and are even maintaining a good relationship, he said. 

Also, when asked if Hawick Lau would lose custody of his daughter to former wife Yang Mi if he remarry, Mr. Lau emphasized that the information is groundless. 

Since his divorce with Yang Mi in 2018, Hawick Lau has only publicly dated Li Xiaofeng, and this romance never fails to draw attention. It is reported that the male celebrity pursues his current girlfriend through movie-like methods that can sway even the toughest of hearts. 

Hawick Lau
Li Xiao Feng
Hawick Lau reportedly went all out in pursuing Li Xiaofeng

Back in June, Li Xiaofeng retold an extremely romantic gesture from her neighbor, who people believed to be none other than Hawick Lau. In particular, the neighbor in question caused a lot of noise due to repairs, and so to not bother the actress, he offered to cover all expenses for her to stay at a 5 star hotel. Against such a grand gesture, Li Xiaofeng turned him down, 

However, the next morning, the actress found a note addressed to herself, which reads, “I have reserved rooms at all the surrounding 5-star hotels. Please pick one, and you can stay for as long as you like. I’m not saying you are weak, but since you are a woman, you should take care of yourself. Don’t be mad at me!” 

Hawick Lau Yang Mi

In addition, Li Xiaofeng recalled another occasion when it suddenly rained while she was in the middle of running. As she was seeking refuge against the rain, a car suddenly parked next to her. As it turns out, it was her neighbor, who noticed that her car was in the parking lot, but her lights were off. He knew that she liked to run and suspected that she must have been stuck in the rain, and so decided to pick her up. At that moment, the actress felt extremely touched, seeing that said neighbor went out for her while still dressed in sleeping clothes. 

As it has been years since Hawick Lau and Yang Mi’s divorce, many netizens hope that both will be able to find happiness with other people.

Source: k14, Sina

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