BLACKPINK’s Lisa sparks concern over her skinny body while practicing pole dancing 

The video of Lisa practicing pole dancing for BLACKPINK’s “Born Pink” concert makes fans worried. 

Due to hectic schedules of the world tour, it is inevitable that BLACKPINK members have gotten skinnier. In a behind-the-scenes video capturing BLACKPINK’s preparation for “Born Pink” concerts released recently, Lisa sparks concerns over her extra skinny body, to the point that her ribs were exposed.

blackpink lisa concert outfit
Lisa always stuns with perfect visuals on stage 
blackpink lisa
Lisa’s flawless body 

Throughout the world tour, fans have been worried about BLACKPINK’s health many times. Jisoo visibly had a swollen lymph node in her neck, Jennie fell on stage, Rosé and Lisa both looked slimmer than usual. Rosé and Lisa are originally skinny, so when losing weight, they appear even thinner. Lisa often has to practice intense choreography for her solo stage, so it sparks even more concern. 

blackpink lisa
Lisa’s ribs can be seen 
blackpink lisa
Lisa often has to practice strong choreography

BLACKPINK’s World Tour in Asia will come to an end by June 2023. After it’s done, BLINKs hope the members can get some proper rest and have fun until the rest of the tour. 

blackpink born pink bangkok
BLACKPINK in recent concert in Lisa’s home country Thailand

Source: k14. 

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