Min Hee-jin Displeased with ILLIT, TWS, and RIIZE, Long-term Conflict with Bang Si-hyuk

In an internal meeting, Min Hee-jin accused ILLIT, TWS, and RIIZE of copying NewJeans, alongside other opinions. 

According to an article from Hankook Kyungjae, Bang Si-hyuk and Min Hee-jin initially had a friendly relationship, but a conflict was born during their preparation for a new girl group. 

In the end, Min Hee-jin ended up in ADOR, while Bang Si-hyuk produced LE SSERAFIM with Source Music without the participation of Min Hee-jin. An internal document also revealed that Min Hee-jin claimed that NewJeans ended up being more successful. 

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As NewJeans debuted, however, Min Hee-jin started to feel bitter towards other HYBE subsidiaries. She even accused ILLIT, TWS, and RIIZE of copying NewJeans as time went on.

The ADOR CEO also expressed disappointment when TWS was called the “male version of NewJeans”, she believed that if there is a group like that, it should be formed by herself. 

ILLIT’s debut was the last straw on the camel’s back, leading to Min Hee-jin’s complete loss of faith in Bang Si-hyuk, it was also said. 

With all these, Min Hee-jin believed that HYBE’s recent action was a blatant attempt to remove her due to the ongoing conflicts. 

Source: Naver, Hankook Kyungjae

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