Jang Won-young once amazed fans with her perfect transformation with short hair

As Jang Won-young’s image with long straight hair is already so famous, not many people know she did try short hair in the past.

Rookie girl group IVE has just debuted this year but is already dominating the music industry. They have carried out the promotion for the third single title “After LIKE” and proved themselves as a trend by winning 13 No.1s on music shows. 


Despite being a rookie group, IVE drew admiration even from senior singers as they already won a total of 36 trophies on Korean weekly music programs. With the explosive popularity of IVE, every move of the members is also attracting attention. Especially, Jang Won-young’s past photos are being brought up for discussion among fans.

ive wonyoung

Making her debut in the music industry as a member of IZ*ONE, the project girl group formed through Mnet’s “Produce 101” series, Jang Won-young (19 years old) is so beautiful that people call her “Top 1 girl group visual”.

Having been active in the entertainment industry since middle school, Jang Won-young has kept her signature long straight hair for long enough to make the public call her “Hair Goddess”. 


However, there was a time when Jang Won-young shocked everyone with her transformation with a short haircut. 

During her activities with IZ*ONE, Jang Won-young once surprised fans with her boyish vibe in a short hairstyle during the promotion of the Japanese single “Buenos Aires”. 

Buenos Aires

All idols have to change their hairstyle every time, but thanks to her perfect CG-like beauty, Jang Won-young successfully pulled off the shortcut and exuded her goddess beauty. In addition, her distinctive facial features became clearer when her hair got shorter. 

Buenos Aires

In fact, Jang Won-young’s youthful look with short hair was enough to cause a “short hair sensation” among female fans. 

Internet users responded enthusiastically to Jang Won-young’s appearance in short hair, saying “She looks like the main character in a romance cartoon”, “She’s lovely in any style”, etc.

Jang Won-young

Meanwhile, Jang Won-young recently challenge the unique hairstyle called “Tweety bangs”. “Tweety bangs” refers to the hairstyle that highlights baby hair growing along the hairline and makes them look like bangs.

Although this “Tweety bangs” is somewhat difficult to suit everyone, Jang Won-young made many people envy her by perfectly digesting this unique style. 

Jang Won-young

Many netizens are saying that Jang Won-young would continue to keep this hairstyle and make it become a trend for this autumn. In fact, some female stars who tried Jang Won-young’s “Tweety bangs” made headlines as they posted proof shots, complaining “My hair is ruined.”

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