Rain, “I requested an investigation to find malicious commenters and my heart hurt knowing their identities”

Singer-actor Rain (real name Jung Ji Hoon) confessed his mixed feelings towards malicious comments.

On January 26th, Rain’s Youtube channel “Season B Season” uploaded a new video titled “Can I sue this one, too? I met a lawyer from a big law firm”.

In the video, Rain discussed with a lawyer he has known for 20 years about hateful comments and read some of them. Rain faced the comment “I think his body is not good. Can he dance well?” and coolly responded, “It can happen”.

Bi Rain

A malicious commenter said, “Isn’t it obvious that Rain’s prime time has passed?”, and Rain reacted, “When was my prime time?”. He continued to read various comments, such as “I came to Youtube to watch heebab but Rain was eating everything all by himself”, “Ji Hoon ah, please don’t sing. I’m begging you”, etc. In response, the lawyer pointed out, “There are no defamation comments or insults”. Rain said, “I think my staff already sorted them out because they were afraid that I would be mad”.

Rain continued, “In the past, it was difficult to punish malicious commenters. But now we can easily track them”. The lawyer said, “The operator can identify the personal information of anyone who logs in to the website”, stressing that punishment can be taken immediately.

Bi Rain

Rain shared, “It’s heartbreaking. When I requested an investigation to find malicious commenters, we found young people and those who are working hard in their own fields. When asked for the reason they wrote malicious comments, they all said, ‘Someone told me that’, ‘That’s what people say on Youtube’, etc. My heart hurt because I had no choice but to punish them”.

The lawyer once again emphasized, “Malicious comments are insulting words or opinions that can damage someone’s honor. It’s a crime if you write such opinions in public places”.

Meanwhile, Rain married actress Kim Tae Hee in 2017 and has two daughters.

Source: Nate

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