Jung Woo-sung mentions best friend Lee Jung-jae while receiving Presidential Citation

Actor Jung Woo-sung expressed his affection for his best friend Lee Jung-jae through his acceptance speech while receiving the Presidential Citation.

Jung Woo-sung was awarded the Presidential Citation at the “2021 Korea Popular Culture and Arts Award” ceremony held at the National Theater in Seoul on Oct 28th. 

Jung Woo-sung

Jung Woo-sung mentioned his close friend Lee Jung-jae, “I thought that If the recipients had been decided after ‘Squid Game’ came out, Lee Jung-jae could have been chosen and this award would be cooler, more timely and agile.” He continued, “Receiving an award is very burdensome. I’m constantly wondering whether I fit in with the awards’ values and meanings.” Finally, Jung Woo-sung finished his acceptance speech by saying, “It is too big and meaningful to receive an award for my past footsteps, so I will try to live in line with the value of it in the future.”

Jung Woo-sung

Jung Woo-sung and Lee Jung-jae are known as best friends in the entertainment industry. The two are also running their agency “Artist Company” together.

Recently, Lee Jung-jae posted a parody of the scene in the drama “Squid Game” he did with Jung Woo-sung on his Instagram to show their friendship.

Jung Woo-sung

Meanwhile, the “Korea Popular Culture and Arts Award” is the most prestigious awards ceremony in the field of popular culture and arts to enhance the social status of popular culture and encourage those who contributed to the development of popular culture and the spread of the Korean Wave.


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