BTS captured exhausted coming back to Korea after Billboard Music Awards 2018

After finishing their performance and award acceptance at Billboard Music Awards, BTS came back to Korea and were seen at Incheon Airports.

A few days back, K-pop fans were busy looking forward to award winning group BTS’ performance at a major music event at the other side of the world, which is a never-before-seen achievement in the Korean pop industry: a K-pop group takes home an award at Billboard Music Awards and performed a Korean song. This news has garnered complete interest from Asian media outlets and K-pop fans all around the world.
BTS impresses with their hit ‘Fake Love’ on BBMAs stage.
Furthermore, BTS scored with their friendship with international stars. The boys were showered with compliments, encouraging words and love from these artists. Yesterday (May 22nd), BTS left America and headed back to Korea.
BTS came back to Korea after their U.S trip
The group was seen at Incheon Airport after a long flight. BTS members could not hide their exhaustion after such a long and stressful trip. Especially V: the 4D idol looked like he had lost some weights. Despite weary appearance, the members were still playing around and waving back at fans’ cameras.
Perhaps the preparation for this stage had made BTS exhausted. Fans’ hopes and expectations were also huge burdens for the boys. Hopefully, BTS can take some time resting before embarking on their upcoming activities.

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