How was Shin Ye Eun, the iron curler bully of “The Glory,” back in her school days?

Viewers of “The Glory” are looking back at the past of actress Shin Ye Eun, who perfectly played the role of a cruel bully.

Actress Shin Ye Eun is gaining public recognition thanks to Netflix’s “The Glory” following the web drama “A-TEEN.” Shin appeared as the child version of Park Yeon Jin, a school bully, showing an impressive villainized character. Viewers are impressed by her crazy eyes when she tortured Moon Dong Eun with the hair curler, and her smirk when the situation went as she wanted.


Amid praise for Shin Ye Eun’s rising acting skills, attention is also being paid to her school days in real life. Viewers are surprised to see a totally different Shin Ye Eun from the bully Park Yeon Jin.

Shin Ye-eun

Shin Ye Eun was a girl full of cute charms with a smile reminiscent of the Pokemon character Squirtle.

She once appeared briefly on MBC M’s “All The K-pop,” showing the cheerful and pure side of a high school girl by jumping from place to place.

Shin Ye-eun
Shin Ye-eun

She is also drawing attention after the footage of her on the filming set during her school years was revealed. Shin Ye Eun showed off her superior visual even though her baby hair was slightly wet, drawing admiration.

Shin Ye-eun

After seeing Shin Ye Eun’s past photos, netizens are saying, “These photos are preventing me from being over-immersed in the drama” and “Shin Ye Eun is actually a lovely child.”

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