From low-rating K-dramas to failed movies, this actress’ career is in a crisis

Most acting projects of this idol-actress, from the small screen to the big screen, are facing failure in recent years. 

T-ARA Jiyeon is considered a multi-talented celebrity, who excels in both the idol world and the acting industry. With sharp facial features and a chic aura, Jiyeon is often casted to play rich characters with strong personalities. However, she also boasts strong versatility with both villain and protagonist roles, even earning a nomination at the prestigious award ceremony Baeksang. 

T-ARA member Jiyeon boast outstanding visuals and impressive acting skills 

Talented as she is, Jiyeon doesn’t see much luck in acting, with most of her K-drama recording poor viewerships. In fact, she is even called the “rating poison” on the small screen, with works like “I Wanna Hear Your Song” and “My Runway” getting little commercial success, and “Imitation” getting ratings as low as 0%. 

“Imitation”, which stars Jiyeon, recorded low viewership ratings and a lot of criticisms 

After failing to challenge the small screen, Jiyeon recently made her big screen return with “Gangnam Zombie”. Adopting the zombie trend, “Gangnam Zombie” was expected to follow the steps of its predecessor such as “All of Us Are Dead”, “Kingdom”, and “Train to Busan”. Unfortunately, the series was buried in criticisms instead, and was called “boring”, “illogical”, and even “grating to the eyes and ears”. In fact, many netizens even said that Jiyeon’s visual was the only saving grace of the film, but that was not enough to keep the audience from watching, especially in a zombie movie. 

Jiyeon’s visual in “Gangnam Zombie”

Overall, it seems that Jiyeon is having a lot of difficulties in selecting scripts, for her acting is always praised, but never her work. The idol-actress will have a lot to do in order to resurrect her acting career. 

Source: k14

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