Haha dissed Jeon So-min’s appearance “I’m surprised that XX is ugly” (Running Man)

Haha and Jeon So-min boasted their chemistry.

On SBS ‘Running Man‘, which aired on January 8, the second episode of ‘Running Man Outing’ was released.

running man

On this day, Haha went to Jeon So-min and said, “Hey, you’re XX ugly right now,” and Jeon So-min asked, “Why?“. Haha teased, “‘Why’ is so funny. You’re XX ugly. I was surprised.”

running man

Jeon So-min, who heard this, told the members what Haha had said. Ji Seok-jin also looked at Jeon So-min’s face and she said, “It’s a big deal. You’re not a little ugly. This much” he drew a big circle and made her laugh.

Source: daum

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