Controversy arise over BLACKPINK’s performing outfits 

BLACKPINK’s stage costumes are met with mixed opinions. 

BLACKPINK’s “BORN PINK” comeback after 2 years brought with it a drastic change in BLACKPINK’s style. While the members’ stage outfits are lauded for their provocative and self-embracing styles, a large majority are showing their disapproval for the group’s supposedly “revealing” and “overly sexualized” images.


BLACKPINK’s “controversial” outfits 

From their first concert in Seoul to those in Bangkok, BLACKPINK shone through with impressive outfit designs, showing a new trajectory towards more bold stage personae. 

Jisoo grabbed attention with her Y2K costumes with sophisticated cutouts and eye-catching tassels. Her bodycon outfits and corsets accentuated her enviable physique. 

BLACKPINK outfits helped the members embraced their figures with various stylings 

Rosé “freed” her back and showed off her slender physique in a tube top and short skirt. Lisa boasted her hard-earned body and long legs in dazzling outfits. The main dancer was ready to take on various outfits and still managed to pull various, wonderful and alluring performances. 

Jennie gained the most attention with her balletcore styling where wrap dress and layered tulle skirt were the staples in many performances. These outfits accompanied her in one of the most viral performances, her twerking routine on stage in the Paris concert. 

Jennie had the boldest style during the BLACKPINK concert 

Mixed feedback from the audience 

Nonetheless, BLACKPINK also received mixed reactions from the audience for their choice of outfits. Talking of her sense of fashion, Jennie said in an ELLE interview that she wanted to be recognized as a passionate and professional peformer and not for her class and sensuality. 

Jennie’s “controversial” outfit in her concert performances 

In response to the ongoing criticism, fans believed BLACKPINK should have the rights to pursue whatever image they wanted as the youngest member had reached 26 years old. Because BLACKPINK focuses on international markets such as North America and Europe, where there was an immense cultural difference to South Korea, there might be disagreement on what is considered “appropriate.” 

Moreover, as all members are prominent and leading figures in fashion, fans believed it’s natural for the idols to take more bold approach to their styles and self-presentation. 

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