The reason why “cat person” aespa Karina was misunderstood a lot during school days

aespa Karina confessed that she was misunderstood because of her “eyes” when she was a student.

On May 19th, Karina appeared on the YouTube program “My Alcohol Diary” and shared various stories with MC Lee Young Ji. Lee Young Ji asked Karina, who is receiving a lot of love as aespa’s leader, “It’s up to you to appeal to the public. How did you find your charming point?

Karina replied, “You know, I don’t look like a good person.” Lee Young Ji said, “I know, you’re a cat person.” Karina shared, “Yeah. I don’t look very gentle. I tried to make that my charming point since my debut.


Karina then confessed that she was misunderstood a lot during school days. When Lee Young Ji asked “What kind of misunderstanding?“, Karina answered, “It’s like the way I see someone or something.

When Karina added “Every girl in high school must have experienced things like this“, Lee Young Ji and the female staff disagreed, “We’ve never experienced it before.” Hearing Karina’s words, Lee Young Ji was amazed over and over again, saying, “It’s actually more like a cliche from an internet fiction.”


In fact, if you look at Karina’s past photos spread on various online communities, she has been a “cat-like beauty” since she was a child.

Meanwhile, Karina’s group aespa released their 3rd mini album “MY WORLD” on May 8th and is actively promoting.

Source: Insight

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