Lee Young Ji exposed Na PD, “He told me not to win ‘Show Me The Money 11′” 

Rapper and entertainer Lee Young Ji revealed a shocking detail about the famous variety show PD Na Young Seok (Na PD). 

On May 12th, the first episode of tvN’s “Earth Arcade 2” was broadcasted, featuring Lee Eun Ji, Mimi, Lee Young Ji, and Ahn Yujin.

A celebration party was held to announce the start of “Earth Arcade” season 2. Here, Lee Eun Ji, who arrived first, talked about Na PD’s award, followed by IVE Ahn Yujin.


Lee Young Ji was then congratulated for winning the rap show “Show Me The Money 11”. Hearing this, Lee Young Ji “exposed” PD Na Young Seok by saying, “Na PD contacted me. He supported me, but told me not to win. He said if I grow too fast, I might lose my way.” 

Upon hearing this, Lee Eun Ji asked, “Was he drunk?” causing laughter. Lastly, Mimi made her appearance.

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Now fully gathered, everyone congratulated IVE Yujin for winning Daesang at year-end awards. To this, Lee Eun Ji asked, “Why doesn’t she mention us when she accepts the award and gives her speech?”, once again causing laughter. At this, Na PD joked, “Why would she talk about us when IVE wins an award?”

Source: Naver

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