Ahn Yujin wants to cut her hair short like Go Eun Chan in “Coffee Prince”

IVE member Ahn Yujin confessed that she has been obsessed with the “tomboy” Go Eun Chan in “Coffee Prince”.

On the May 12th episode of TV show “Earth Arcade 2”, Lee Eun Ji, Mimi, Lee Young Ji, and Ahn Yujin formed a team of four “Earth warriors” and performed.


In this season, the four Earth warriors decided to cross over to the multiverse as drama characters. The selected four dramas were “Coffee Prince”, “SKY Castle”, “Boys Over Flowers”, and “Goblin”.

Ahn Yujin, who recently watched “Coffee Prince:, said, “I wanted to cut my hair after seeing Go Eun Chan,” and pressured Na PD by saying, “I am using this as an excuse to persuade our company.” At this, Na PD became flustered and said, “She is trying to do what she wants through this program.”


Afterwards, when Na PD explained the content of “Goblin”, Ahn Yujin showed a quirky side, saying, “You’re not supposed to spoil it”. Meanwhile, Lee Eun Ji said, “In other words, Yujin needs to shut up.”

On the other hand, Lee Young Ji showed excitement and said she wanted to be Gu Jun Pyo from “Boys Over Flowers”, since this character can be rude freely. 


At the same time, Ahn Yujin once again emphasized that she wanted to be Go Eun Chan from “Coffee Prince”, insisting that she can cut her hair. In response, Na PD said, “I feel extremely burdened every time I talk to your company because of you.”

In the end, the selection of characters was determined through a random play dance competition. When Zico’s “New Thing” came out as the first song, the members showed off their unique excitement with a powerful dance.


Ahn Yujin and Mimi made it to the finals, and the last song was ITZY’s “WANNABE”. Here, Ahn Yujin and Mimi recorded a draw with a dance that was hard to distinguish who was better. Lee Eun Ji suggested, “You two should debut as a unit.”

When she eventually won, Ahn Yujin once again mentioned her wish to have short hair, stating, “What’s important is not the dance, but whether I can cut my hair or not.”

Source: Daum

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