Actor Kim Da-mi was interviewed while tied to a chair? Netizens: “We are all going to die”

An unexpected optical illusion effect made the viewers feel like seeing Kim Da-mi doing an interview while being tied to a chair. 

Actress Kim Da-mi is embroiled in a controversy over a coercive(?) interview. Recently, GIFs from an interview video of Kim Da-mi were posted on various online communities.

Kim Da-mo tied to a chair

The released GIF is a surprise itself. The color of the black off-shoulder dress worn by Kim Da-mi and the chair she was sitting on exquisitely matched, causing an optical illusion as if she was tied to the chair. Kim Da-mi’s serious expression added more to the situation, making it a point of laughter.

Netizens who saw this left witty comments such as “I thought she was tied to a real chair at first,” “Are you guys tying her up and interviewing her like that because the movie is called ‘Witch’?” “Kim Da-mi’s serious expression is the killing point,” “If we don’t tie up the witch, we’ll all die,” “Why is the rope so loosely tied? Are they betting their lives to do this interview?” drawing laughter.

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