31-year-old Yura: “I want to get married in my mid-30s… My ideal type is a friend-like person”

Singer and actress Yura mentioned her view of marriage.


Yura appeared as Chae Yoo-jin, a weather reporter for a daily newspaper, in JTBC’s “Forecasting Love and Weather“, which ended on April 3rd.

In the drama, Chae Yoo-jin broke up with Lee Shi-woo (Song Kang) and married Han Ki-joon (Yoon Park), the informant of Korea Meteorological Administration’s spokesperson’s office, but faced practical problems and lived a married life like thin ice.

From Chae Yoo-jin‘s point of view, if she were to pick out Lee Shi-woo and Han Ki-joon‘s shortcomings, Lee Shi-woo was a non-maritalist while Han Ki-joon had a tedious personality.


After the work, Yura was asked who she would choose if she met the two in real life through an interview. She said, “If I were Yoo-jin, I would love my husband. But if it were me, I would have chosen Shi-woo.”

Yura chose Lee Shi-woo because she believed that the idea of being a non-maritalist could be transformed into love.

Yura, who was born in 1992 and turned 31 this year, talked about the drama as well as revealed her view of love and marriage.


Yura shared, “I want to marry someone who is like a friend. My ideal type is a kind and caring man.”

She added, “I have to be with him for the rest of my life, so I hope I’ll enjoy being with him even if we lose our excitement. I’m dreaming of a marriage where we’re considerate of each other.”

Regarding the age at which she wants to get married, she confessed, “I change my mind as I get older. At first, I wanted to get married late, but at the age of 29, I wanted to do it sooner. Right now, I think around 35 years old is okay.”


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