SEVENTEEN Mingyu X BTS Jungkook’s “Super” challenge made fans’ hearts explode

SEVENTEEN Mingyu and BTS Jungkook met to film the “Super” challenge, creating a hilarious moment.

On June 9th, a video titled “Finally visited him” was uploaded on SEVENTEEN’s official YouTube channel. In the video, SEVENTEEN Mingyu and BTS Jungkook appeared together, raising fans’ excitement.

The two had a dramatic (?) meeting to do the challenge of SEVENTEEN’s recently released new song “Super”.

The 36-second short video showed BTS Jungkook and SEVENTEEN Mingyu performing a perfect group dance in line with the song of SEVENTEEN, which is famous for their difficult choreographies.

Even though he was wearing a comfortable outfit and covering his face with a hat, his good looks and superior height received praise from fans.

jungkook mingyu

In the video, Mingyu said “Thank you, senior. I should have contacted you earlier” then did the 90 degrees bow.

Jungkook responded to Mingyu’s skit by saying “Yes, yes, okay“, showing strong chemistry and making fans laugh.

Fans who watched the video showed enthusiastic reactions such as “The skit is so cute“, “As expected… I like 97-line“, “I can’t believe I saw this two-shot” and “Their dance form is crazy.”

Source: Insight

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