“Doctor Cha” Park Jun Geum reviews 4 hard-to-find Hermès bags, draws admiration

Actress Park Jun Geum, who recently appeared in the K-drama “Doctor Cha” reviewed 4 luxury Hermès bags that are difficult to obtain.

Recently, Park Jun Geum appeared in a video titled “Review of Unavailable Luxury Brand Hermès Bags” on her recently launched YouTube channel, ‘Magazine Jun Geum.’

When talking about Hermès, Park Jun Geum mentioned, “Hermès is known for its aristocratic elegance and astonishing prices. There are various colors and leather types, but I can’t have them all. I will also introduce the bags that I don’t have.”

First, the actress picked up a mint green-colored bag, saying, “It adds a nice touch. The combination of orange and mint green is incredibly beautiful. The price makes this bag extremely difficult to purchase. Sometimes they are available, and sometimes they are not, so even if you visit the store, you might not be able to buy this item.”

park jun geum

Then, she continued by saying, “The bag has pockets on the inside, making it convenient when searching for receipts or valet parking tickets. It has mint-colored stitching, and the sewing is uniform and meticulous.”

The second bag, in brown, was a popular one that can be easily opened and closed. Park Jun Geum explained, “It has a suitable size, and the opening is wide, allowing for easy access. The most important aspect of Hermès bags is whether they have gold or silver hardware, and this bag has gold hardware. Hermès started with saddles and expanded to bags, shoes, and clothes. This one is quite expensive.”

Regarding the third bag in blue, Park Jun Geum commented, “The strap is the highlight. It resembles a pouch and has a design that can be commonly found even outside of Hermès. There are also straps inside, but since friction between the leather can cause discoloration, one must be careful when using it. It goes well with casual attire rather than formal wear.

park jun geum

Lastly, she introduced a beige-colored bag, saying, “The leather feels extremely delicate. If it gets stained, it seems challenging to clean. The leather is prone to absorbing stains, so one must be extremely cautious. It looks more elegant when left open rather than closed.”

Finally, Park Jun Geum stated, “Among them, I particularly like the fourth bag in beige. It has a suitable size, and I feel like it’s a must-have.”

Internet users who watched the video expressed their admiration and left comments such as, “Unnie, I’m satisfied and enjoyed watching it,” “They are so beautiful,” and “It was truly a feast for the eyes.”

Source: Wikitree

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