Four best K-dramas in first half of 2023

“The Glory”, “Doctor Cha”, “The Good Bad Mother”, and “Taxi Driver Season 2” are considered the best K-dramas in the first half of 2023.

The Glory

The Glory” made waves in many countries in the world when the two-part series came out. The revenge journey of Moon Dong Eun against the high-school violence perpetrators quickly became a sensation in and out of Korea. 

The glory

Two elements stood out and contributed to the success of the series, the never-ending suspense and the actors’ amazing performances.

Song Hye Kyo is the first name that came to mind when “The Glory” is mentioned. The actress made a complete transformation that broke away from her previous images. She became “Best Actress” at the “Baeksang Arts Awards”.

Doctor Cha

Uhm Jung Hwa also left a striking impression as Cha Jung Sook in “Doctor Cha”. Jung Sook gave up her dream of becoming a doctor to take care of her family. But that sacrifice did not leave her with a happy marriage. Her husband has been cheating on her for years. She also develops a critical medical condition but no one bats an eye. 


After that, she decides to change her life. She resumes her medical career and works at the hospital her husband is working. This is where many ironic situations took place.

“Doctor Cha” depicts the turbulent life of Cha Jung Sook but never brings a feeling of negativity as it is integrated carefully with the comedy in the drama. The series also scores a big point with the audience by conveying a meaningful message about happiness.

The Good Bad Mother

The Good Bad Mother” contains two parallel journeys: Choi Kang Ho (Lee Do Hyun) on his way to take down the elites and Young Soon’s (Ra Mi Ran) healing journey with her son.

Young Soon wanted her son to be a prosecutor to have a better life for himself. She resorted to extreme means to ensure he never had to live the life same as hers.


Kang Ho finally became the prosecutor she always hoped for. But a drastic incident took place and turned him into a 35-year-old guy with the mind of a 7-year-old.  At the same time, Young Soon was diagnosed with cancer. She is left with only a short time left to prepare for her son all he needs to survive.

In the drama, all characters have their baggage to deal with. But their struggles are told with cheeky comedy to balance out the dramatic details and bring viewers on an emotional ride. 

Taxi Driver Season 2

Taxi Driver Season 2” continues to bring a series of thrilling journeys of justice-seeking. It follows up with the hidden operations of the Rainbow Taxi Company established to help the disadvantaged in society. Kim Do Gi by Lee Je Hoon is the soul of the drama. He is smart, courageous, and great at martial arts.

taxi driver2

Source: K14 

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