“The Good Bad Mother” Ahn Eun Jin, “The filming set was always full of laughter. Acting as a mother? I don’t have children but…”

Actress Ahn Eun Jin talked about acting as a mother in “The Good Bad Mother” and the warm atmosphere on the set.

Recently, Ahn Eun Jin had an interview at a cafe in Gangnam-gu, Seoul and revealed various behind-the-scenes stories about JTBC’s recently ended Wed-Thu drama “The Good Bad Mother”.

“The Good Bad Mother” is a heartwarming healing comedy about mother Young Soon (Ra Mi Ran), who has no choice but to become a bad mother for the sake of her child, and her son Kang Ho (Lee Do Hyun), who turns into a 7-year-old kid in an unexpected accident, finding the happiness that they’ve lost.

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Revealing that she watched the last episode of “The Good Bad Mother”, which aired on June 8th, with other senior actors, Ahn Eun Jin said, “I felt nervous in a different way compared to when we watched the first episode together. I enjoyed watching it with the seniors, the writer and the director. We had a great time but I kept feeling regretful. I think it would have been sadder if I watched it alone. I’m glad the drama ended happily.”

Regarding the passing of Young Soon, she said, “Don’t the rest of us live beautifully? Mi Joo married Kang Ho. I’m happy that we wrapped up the drama happily”, expressing her satisfaction about the ending.

In the drama, Ahn Eun Jin plays a mother who hides the existence of her twin brother and sister Seo Jin and Ye Jin (Park Da On & Ki So Yu)’s father. Regarding the most memorable scene where she acted as a mother, the actress said, “In Mi Joo’s heart, she always thinks she is a ‘bad mother’ and she keeps apologizing to her children for being a bad mother to them. However, the children comforted Mi Joo, saying ‘You’re a pretty mother’”.


Expressing her affection for the drama, Ahn Eun Jin shared, “At the beginning of the drama, each mother’s negative aspects were shown, but it was a drama that every mother could sympathize with. I don’t have children, so I was worried a lot about being a mother while filming with the kids. I may think I grew up well, but don’t mothers think it’s their fault and consider themselves bad mothers even if their child gets hurt a little bit? This is a drama that mothers would enjoy watching.”

Ahn Eun Jin described herself as a “bad daughter” when she was young. The actress said, “During my teenage years, I would slam the door, get scolded, and was a daughter who behaved badly. However, as I grew older and worked on projects like this, I had more opportunities to talk to my mother. I’ve reached the age when my mother was married and pregnant with me. I’ve become old enough to understand her and be friends with her. Looking at her now, I think mom is my closest friend”, revealing her feeling while filming “The Good Bad Mother”.

In the middle of the drama, there were heavy scenes where Kang Ho began to take revenge but  “The Good Bad Mother” still brought laughter in each episode with the characters’ chemistry and cheerfulness.

Ahn Eun Jin smiled and confessed that she actually enjoyed the filming atmosphere of “The Good Bad Mother”, which was always full of laughter. She said, “Even while filming the serious court scene in the last episode, when someone was doing their individual lines, we secretly ate snacks behind the camera. Since the villagers gathered together, we all brought snacks along. Senior Ra Mi Ran brought sunflower seeds with different tastes and we continued the filming while eating them”, disclosing a behind story.

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Recalling the friendly filming environment, she continued, “The entire filming process was so fun. Whenever I film a drama, I often eat alone, but the seniors naturally called me, saying ‘Just come here and join us today’. When I came to the restaurant, all the food had already been prepared. I also drank a glass of makgeolli”.

Ahn Eun Jin said that the funniest actors were Kim Won Hae and Jang Won Young, who were in charge of the head of the village and the president of the youth club, and she sometimes had to pinch herself to hold her laughter at the two actors’ ad-libs. She added, “Later, I even begged them, ‘Please’. Remembering such moments, I’m missing them so much. I ate lots of spicy stir-fried marinated duck and boiled chicken with the seniors. I also ate potato pancakes”.

Ahn Eun Jin mentioned her chemistry with actress Kang Mal Geum, who played her mother in the drama. The actress said, “She’s older than me, but I had so much fun working with her. Senior Mal Geum always acted with 100% energy even during rehearsals. Looking at her, I had no choice but to stay focused right away”.

Ahn Eun Jin also mentioned her previous collaboration with Ra Mi Ran, in the yet-to-be-released film “Citizen Deok Hee” by director Park Young Joo. She said, “She is really funny. We enjoyed filming the movie as well”, adding, “Senior Ra Mi Ran likes playing around during the break but she would immediately change her expression when she enters the filming set. I also thought I should concentrate on the scene and my acting. Once she starts acting, she looks exactly like what appears on the screen. She’s a senior who is scary and cool. I respect her a lot.”

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Despite that, Ahn Eun Jin found working with Ra Mi Ran enjoyed. She confessed, “She listened to my personal worries well and we shared many conversations. It was so nice being able to work with her again.” Ahn Eun Jin smiled and continued, “Senior Ra Mi Ran is definitely a ‘T’, a realistic person. That’s why she always gives straightforward advice.”

Regarding her own acting performance, Ahn Eun Jin said she still has many concerns. The actress shared, “I’m always nervous on the set. I always have the mindset that I must challenge new things. Doing this job, I think I should never be satisfied with myself”, expressing her determination to continue challenging different roles even after “The Good Bad Mother”.

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