Lee Seung Gi’s Adorable Moon Rabbit Drawing and Heartfelt Chuseok Greetings

Singer and actor Lee Seung Gi sent Chuseok greetings

On September 29th, Lee Seung Gi‘s agency posted, “Ding-dong! Lee Seung Gi’s Chuseok greetings have arrived~ Enjoy a delightful Chuseok with Seung Gi’s heartfelt greetings and charming drawings!” along with several photos of Lee Seung Gi.

lee seung gi

In the photos, Lee Seung Gi was seen drawing on a tablet while writing Chuseok greetings. He drew a rabbit and wrote “Happy Chuseok~♥” to present to his fans.

In another photo, he made a cute Chuseok greeting with a cheeky expression while making a heart shape with his cheeks.

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi got married to actress Lee Da In in April. He is set to host JTBC’s ‘Sing Again 3,’ which will premiere on October 26th.

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