During the 12 years of her career, Mina (AOA) has been noticed the most, perhaps only for bullying and cheating scandals

Do not know since when the name Mina (AOA) attracted so much attention.  But definitely not from the time when she was still a member of AOA.

Recently, Mina is a name that always receives attention. Netizens even capture each story around her. The former member of AOA once shocked the public with the image of slitting her hand to commit suicide due to pressure from being bullied by AOA’s leader – Jimin in the past.  Most recently, Mina was also entangled in the cheating scandal with her boyfriend and another girl.

A lot of people, including longtime K-pop fans, didn’t know who AOA’s Mina was until the scandals broke out.  Indeed, during her years as a K-pop idol and AOA member, Mina has had a very lackluster career.

Not as prominent as the other members

Mina once shared that, when she was in elementary school, she once witnessed an impressive singer sing on stage.  Since that time, Mina has dreamed of becoming a singer.  After auditioning for FNC in 2009 and being accepted as a trainee, she moved with her family to Seoul soon after.

After 2 years and 5 months as a trainee, Mina officially debuted in the group AOA. Mina took on the role of a supporting vocalist.  Along with AOA, Mina and the members gradually successfully conquered the audience with a sexy concept.  Some of the group’s outstanding hit songs are Miniskirt, Like A Cat, Heart Attack…

The complete number 7 of the group was not preserved when in 2016, the first member You Kyung left the group.  In 2017, ChoA also said goodbye to AOA.  Mina left the group in 2019, after having a very successful comeback with AOA in the summer of 2018 through the song “Bingle Bangle”.  Bingle Bangle is also AOA’s last promotion up to now.

Despite having both beauty and talent, compared to the common ground, Mina is quite inferior and lackluster. Meanwhile, AOA has more prominent names such as Seolhyun, Jimin, ChoA. 

During her career, Mina also debuted as an actress in 2013. Some of the movies she participated in are Adolescence Medley, Wonderful Days, Modern Farmer… Mina’s most prominent role is as a policewoman in the drama Queen of Mystery 2 in 2018. Mina also appeared in several Kpop MVs by other artists.  However, the name Mina did not have a firm foothold in the film market.

Only famous for scandal during her 12-year career

Sadly, it wasn’t until the scandal related to bullying in AOA broke out that the name Mina was really noticed by many people.  The incident started after Mina left AOA.  On July 3, 2020, when responding to an antifan’s comment, Mina revealed that she left the group because she was bullied by an older member in the group for 10 years.

Jimin is the member in question.  And immediately on Jimin’s Instagram, she also posted a reply with the words “Novel”.  Mina also did not stop when she continued to argue that she had evidence of being bullied by Jimin.  Mina even cut her wrist to commit suicide, so her wrist still doesn’t work properly until now.

It was not until the incident broke out that Jimin officially apologized to Mina for her inappropriate behavior in the past.  She later also decided to leave the group.  In addition, other members of AOA were also condemned for their indifferent attitude towards their fellow members.

After the bullying scandal, another controversy broke out after Mina announced her boyfriend.  Specifically, the former female is said to have broken the relationship of her boyfriend Yoo Jun Young and his ex.  After reading the ex-girlfriend’s post, she had a frank conversation with her boyfriend and discovered he was cheating on 2 girls at the same time.  Mina admitted “it is true that Yoo Jun Young and I have a romantic relationship” but now the two have broken up.

After the cheating drama, many people made excuses to dig up the incident between Mina and Jimin.  Some think that Jimin met unjustly and didn’t bully her so seriously.  In response to this, she re-affirmed that even though she was wrong in the love story, in the matter with Jimin, she was still a victim and had suffered a lot of pain.

Mina (AOA) has clarified some information

Source: K14

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