Coincidence much? These K-drama posters may have found their doppelgangers. 

Let’s recount several K-drama posters that look eerily similar to posters of other works. 

It is no exaggeration to say that Korea is among the leaders of the Asian film industry. However, even with such professionalism, there were still notable cases of plagiarism when it comes to their posters. 

Below are some K-drama posters that might be a bit too similar to other works: 

This poster of “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” (Park Seo Joon, Park Min Young) bears strong resemblance to a photoshoot from the magazine “Glamour”. 
K-drama “Love, Now” may have taken too much inspiration from the Hollywood movie “Sex tape?” in terms of poster design. 
This poster of “Spy” is accused of copying one of “Leon”. 
“Bride of the Sun” (2011) and Son Ye Jin’s movie “White Night” (2009) have quite similar posters. 
Can you find any differences between Catherine Zeta Jones and Im Soo Jung on the poster of “All About My Wife”? 
The poster of “Tazza” seems to have borrowed some elements from “Eastern Promises”. 
“Veteran” and “Now You See Me” share the same concept in their posters. 
“What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?” and “Once We Get Married” may as well be twins from their posters. 

These strange “coincidences” have attracted a lot of attention since they were published on SNS, with most netizens agreeing that these were intentional. 

Some comments from the netizens: 

  • Finally someone said this. I didn’t dare to say anything since “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?” has a lot of fans. 
  • It’s not plagiarism if it’s “borrowing”…
  • Just another day of plagiarism in this country 
  • You see, these are merely intentional coincidences


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