No longer “Running Man”s Giraffe! Fans got visual-shocked by Lee Kwang Soo’s new photoshoot

The newest magazine photoshoot of actor Lee Kwang Soo almost made fans forget about his hilarious image on “Running Man”. 

Dubbed as “the prince of Asia”, actor Lee Kwang Soo has a hard time shedding his comedic image from the hit variety show Running Man”. The actor was always willing to make fun of himself, making a lot of people forget that he’s a whole visual package with a striking height of nearly 6’3.  

After leaving “Running Man”, Lee Kwang Soo seemed to have disappeared from the small screen. This makes the actor’s return in the newét issue of Elle Korea even more shocking. No longer the sluggish “giraffe” who had the worst luck, Kwang Soo has now transformed into a whole alluring gentleman. From his posing to his strong gaze, fans have to exclaim: “Lee Kwang Soo is now a completely different man!” 

Long time no see, Lee Kwang Soo is now filled with charms and handsomeness, a 180 degrees change from his funny image on “Running Man”.

Lee Kwang Soo
This photoshoot is a gentle reminder to fans that Lee Kwang Soo is also a famous model. 
Lee Kwang Soo
The actor’s pose and gaze just exudes with charisma. This is a whole new Lee Kwang Soo. 
Lee Kwang Soo
Lee Kwang Soo
Gone with the shabby looks, Lee Kwang Soo is now a whole heart-stealer!

Source: Elle

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