After waiting for 3 years, SM finally confirmed Taeyeon’s solo concert in 2023

The solo concert of SNSD member Taeyeon will finally be held after 3 years, according to SM Entertainment.

On February 20th, SM Entertainment unveiled the comeback plan and concert schedule of its singers with a new vision, “SM 3.0”.

According to published data, Taeyeon will release her 5th mini album in April and hold a solo concert in the second quarter.

Previously on November 8th, 2022, while receiving the female solo artist award at the Genie Music Awards, Taeyeon expressed her gratitude to fans and left a concert-related spoiler, saying, “Thank you very much to all my beloved fans. I will have a concert soon, so please wait”.

SM 3.0
SM 3.0

Taeyeon’s last solo concert was “The UNSEEN”, which was held starting from January 2020. With the new concert schedule in 2023, Taeyeon will be having her first solo concert in 3 years. 

Also, if Taeyeon releases her 5th mini-album in April, as announced by SM Entertainment, the female idol will set a new record for releasing 1 more mini-album than her group, SNSD (also known as Girls’ Generation). 


Currently, Taeyeon’s solo mini albums  include “I”, “Why”, “Something New”, and “What Do I Call You”. Meanwhile, SNSD (Girls’ Generation), to which Taeyeon belongs, has released 4 mini-albums including “Gee”, “Genie”, “Hoot”, and “Mr. Mr”. 

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