Netizens discuss the reason Dispatch reported Lee Jong Suk and IU’s romantic relationship one day early

Not waiting until Jan 1st, 2023, Dispatch disclosed Lee Jong Suk and IU’s romance on the last day of 2022. The reason is?

Lee Jong Suk and IU’s dating news is currently a hot issue. Not following its tradition of revealing a celebrity couple on the first day of the new year, Dispatch decided to do it early on Dec 31st this time. That’s why many netizens are questioning the reason behind this unusual move.

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lee jong suk iu dating

Various speculations have been raised. Some believe that Lee Jong Suk and IU are all top stars so they already knew that Dispatch would report their relationship on Jan 1st. That’s why Lee Jong Suk hinted at his girlfriend at MBC Drama Awards on Dec 30th to avoid surprising fans too much. Due to this unexpected action of Lee Jong Suk, Dispatch hurriedly changed their plan and unveiled IU and Lee Jong Suk’s dating photos on Dec 31st.

Lee Kwang Soo-Lee Sun Bin

According to other netizens, Dispatch might have been worried that Lee Jong Suk would publicize his romantic relationship before their press release like the way his close seniors Song Joong Ki and Lee Kwang Soo did. 

This topic is still arousing heated discussions among netizens 

Source: K14

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